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West Coast
High Tech Employment

1986-1989 Excelan Inc

Wrote technical sales collateral and product education materials.

Presented product positioning and technical content to employees.

Built tools for testing, debugging, and benchmarking network.

Gave engineering constructive criticism on network terminal server's user interface.

Isolated errors and inconsistencies in the implementation of application-level interfaces to network Front End Processor boards.

Ran and analyzed benchmarks of network products.

1983-1986 Ungermann-Bass Inc

Analyzed very large customer's complaints of performance scaling and rewrote portions of software to solve them. Doubled number of character devices per Ethernet by randomizing XNS SPP keepalives. Met customer requirement of simultaneous restart of all 800 network devices on 4 ethernets in under 15 minutes.

Researched and published internally technical informaiton on current problem areas and new products.

Analyzed, isolated, and resolved problems. Integrated information from customer complaints, laboratory tests, and software developers. Went on-site as needed and teamed with sales rep to restore customer confidence as well as fix the problem.

Rewrote portions of existing high performance communications software for incorporation of new features, and for operation on dissimilar hardware.

1979-1983 Four-Phase Systems Inc

Analyzed, isolated, tracked, and resolved customer problems.

Participated in design and did all the product marketing for Programmer Work Station software product.

As technical liaison between product marketing and software development, increased awareness of human engineering considerations and inter-compatibility of software packages.

1977-1979 Memorex Communications Group

Developed a macro-based implementation language which provided a two-for-one improvement in coding efficiency over raw assembly language, without introducing any performance degradation.

Taught both formally and informally basic telecommunications concepts, coding techniques, and structure of the existing software.

Analyzed, isolated, and resolved customer problems, often travelling to go onsite.

Reviewed and did final debugging of enhancements and new features, including pilot installation and correction of design oversights.

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