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Family Tree

The surname Kollars is fairly unusual. Likely all the folks with that surname in the USA are distantly related. The name —originally pronounced Kolash ("wheel maker"), possibly spelled Kolaś or Kolas or Kolář— came from Grav‑Vol‑Holta Bohemia (later part of Czechoslovakia). The old family name remained largely intact during immigration (despite some earlier versions of this webpage opining differently:-).

The family name was re-standardized sometime later, perhaps shortly after immigration or perhaps as late as the 1890s. (Most likely the re-standardized name was in common use well before the 1890s, as a later change would have needed to be coordinated across several states, and so could have been rather awkward if the name hadn't already been in common use. It's possible that in fact multi-location coordination still didn't work quite right [or didn't give enough heed to spellings], and as a result some descendants of the Wisconsin branch of the family spell their surname Kollar rather than Kollars.)

(Note the above interpretation is rather uncertain in its details, and events are given a different spin —or even outright contradicted— by some sources. One reason the above interpretation is so uncertain is there was quite a difference between the spelling and the pronunciation of the name in different languages and countries.)

(This very brief summary tries to cover the whole family, but offers nothing more than names. A much fuller description of a part of the Kollars family, including much general family history, has been provided elsewhere. Also, you may be interested by these reminiscences of one particular family member which include her parents homesteading on the prairie.)

The family patriarch together with his wife and his eldest son and another young daughter and son immigrated as a farming family in 186?. They went first to Wisconsin (most likely the town of Menominee), then just two or three years later moved on further west to (or through) Iowa to northeast Nebraska near Yankton South Dakota, about the time Nebraska became a state. Just a couple years later they claimed a 160 acre homestead in that area. Apparently at that time the nearest Nebraska town of any standing was called Menominee (yes, there are towns named Menominee in both Wisconsin and Nebraska:-). Eventually the smaller town of Crofton Nebraska was incorporated nearer their homestead. Many of the Kollars diaspora trace back to either Crofton or Wisconsin.

(Please note some of the dates and spellings -particularly the older ones- are rather dubious.
[ex: Josephina or Josephine? b. 1822 or 1829? does Josephina's 1894 death date really belong to Julia? Menominee Wisconsin or Menominee Nebraska? and so forth...])

It's clear that the family patriarch was married twice, and that both his wives are buried in this country. However I'm not certain exactly what the circumstances were, whether Menominee means Wisconsin or Nebraska, what links there were between Wisconsin and Nebraska, whether he knew of both wives in the old country, or even in which order he married them. Most likely Julia was his first wife, bore some of his children in the old country, immigrated with him to Wisconsin and then to Iowa and Nebraska, bore more of his children, then died (or at least disappeared from the picture). He then married Josephina either shortly before or shortly after claiming the Nebraska homestead. Josephina bore him one more son, and is remembered as the family matriarch.

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Joseph (Kolash) Kollars b. 182? d. 190?
m. 18?? Julia .... b. 182?
Joseph Kollars b. 1852 d. 193?
m. 188? Anna Halla b. 1860 d. 195?
Mary Kollars b. 1884
m. William Janssen
Gertrude Janssen b. 191? d. 199?
m. 193? Louis Weber b. 191? d. 197?
Clint Weber b. 193?
m. 196? Mary Wintersteen b. 193? d. 198?
Karen Weber
m. Henry Goettertz
Betty Weber
m. Wayne Peirson
Joseph Kollars Jr b. 1884
m. Blanche Goebel b. 1889 d. 197?
Dalph Kollars b. 191? d. 199?
m. Odelia Meyer b. 191?
Colleen Kollars b. 193?
m. Darrell Dreeson
Delver Kollars b. 193?
Maxine Kollars b. 194?
m. Loren Steffen
Maureen Kollars b. 194?
m. Anthony Wesseln
Melbe Kollars b. 194?
m. Rick Friedrichsen
Kay Kollars b. 194?
m. Paul Steffen
Sherrie Kollars b. 194?
m. Roger Wortmann
Daniel/Danny Kollars b. 194?
m. Marc Kathol
Roland/Rollie Kollars b. 195?
m. Maxine Hillman
Rick Kollars b. 195?
m. Cindy Cooper
Joe Kollars b. 195?
m. Cindy Poppe
Roxann Kollars b. 195?
m. Bob Boeckman
Doug Kollars b. 196?
m. Ann Reick
Gail Kollars
m. Corey Shumacher
Donald Kollars
m. Marina ....
Larry Kollars b. 194?
m. Linda Kruse b. 194?
Brian Kollars b. 196?
Dean Kollars b. 196?
Brenda Kollars b. 197?
Norma Kollars
Judy Kollars
Jerry Kollars
Mary Kollars
Darlo Kollars d. 200?
m. Irene Kohles d. 200?
Colin Kollars
m. Carrol Murphy
Gary Kollars
June Kollars
m. Richard Derby
Lisa Derby
m. David Greer
Taylor Greer
Dale Kollars b. 194?
Vonda Kollars
Mark Kollars
Thomas/Tom Kollars b. 195?
m. 197? Esther Hersh b. 195?
Elizabeth/Beth Kollars b. 197?
Timothy Kollars b. 197?
Leonardo/Leo Kollars b. 200?
Patrick Kollars
m. 197? Joan Tramp
Joshua Kollars b. 197?
Emily Kollars b. 197?
Todd Kollars
Paula Kollars
m. Tim ....
Jacqueline Kollars
m. Doug Benoit
Orville Kollars b. 193?
m. 195? Joyce Meyer b. 193?
Steve Kollars
m. 197? Deborah Fitzgerald
Eric Kollars b. 197?
m. 197? Sara Rutledge
Emily Kollars b. 198?
Brenda Kollars b. 195?
m. 197? Stuart Thomsen b. 195? d. 199?
m. 200? Dennis Roerty b. 194?
Sara Thomsen b. 197?
Peter Thomsen b. 198?
Noreen Kollars
m. Byron Moseman
Bart Moseman
Clay Moseman
Audra Moseman
Lidia Moseman
Phillip Kollars
m. Gina ....
Calen Kollars
Nicole Kollars
Lucas Kollars
Ellen Kollars
m. John Soukup
Carolyn Soukup
Paul Soukup
Trudo Kollars d. ....
m. Enid ....
Dana Kollars
m. Chunae Woo
Nina Kollars
Clinton Kollars
Brad Kollars
m. Mary Goetz
Kate Kollars
Craig Kollars
m. ....
m. Rita Mangino
Jessica Kollars
Broderick Kollars
Bert Kollars
m. ....
m. Beth Ellis
Ashley Kollars
Caroline Kollars
Michelle Kollars
m. ....
m. Craig Rife
Blake Rife
Daren Rife
Rhoda Kollars
m. Terry Ganzel
Brad Ganzel
Brian Ganzel
Beth Kollars
m. Steve Bruening
Cole Bruening
Will Bruening
Lynn Kollars
m. ....
Max ....
Emma ....
Glondale Kollars
m. Lawrence Kehles
Glenora Kollars
m. Charles Thoene
Frank Kollars b. 1889 d. 192?
Martin Kollars b. 1891 d. 196?
m. 191? Anna Kleinschmit b. 1894 d. 198?
Marsella Kollars
m. Lester Eisenhauer
Karen Eisenhauer
Kathy Eisenhauer
Larry Eisenhauer
Dennis Eisenhauer
Glenn Kollars
m. Evon Keleher
Glenn Kollars Jr
Hilary Kollars b. 192? d. 199?
m. Rose ....
Timothy Kollars
James Kollars
Cynthia Kollars b. 192?
m. 194? Joseph Krzywicki b. 192? d. 199?
Danette Krzywicki b. 194?
m. 197? Robert Zimla
April Zimla b. 196?
m. 199? Paul Augius
Alexis Augius b. 199?
Rachel Augius b. ....
Jason Zimla b. 197?
Gregory Krzywicki b. 195?
m. 197? Anna Gorski b. 195?
Leslie Krzywicki b. 197?
Kevin Krzywicki b. 198?
Terry Krzywicki b. 195?
m. 197? Rosemarie Cortina b. 195?
Timothy Krzywisseau b. 198?
Daniel Krzywicki b. 198?
Jonathan Krzywicki b. 198?
Michael Krzywicki b. 195?
m. 197? Patricia Duerr b. 195?
Joseph Krzywicki b. 197?
Susan Krzywicki b. 198?
Christopher Krzywicki b. 195?
m. 198? Mary Lazo b. 195?
Sabrina Vogel b. 197?
Christopher Vogel b. 197?
James Krzywicki b. 198?
Anthony Krzywicki b. 195?
m. 198? Jeanette Krz b. 195?
Robert March b. 197?
Matthew Krzywicki b. 198?
Karen Krzywicki b. 198?
Katheryn Krzywicki b. 198?
Mark Krzywicki b. 199?
Elizabeth Krzywicki b. 195?
m. 199? Lenny Zaffino b. 196?
Gina Palka b. 197?
Nicole Zaffino b. 199?
Mary Krzywicki b. 195?
Rodney Krzywicki b. 196?
m. Cynthia Leonard b. 196?
Aaron Krzywicki b. 198?
Joshua Krzywicki b. 198?
Noah Krzywicki b. 198?
Hannah Krzywicki b. 198?
Seth Krzywicki b. 199?
Isaiah Krzywicki b. 199?
Laura Krzywicki b. 196?
Cheryl Krzywicki b. 196?
m. .... ....
Stephanie Cummings b. 198?
Jamie Krzywicki b. 199?
Anna Krzywicki b. 196?
m. Lester Oliver
Julie Oliver b. 198?
Jamie Krzywicki b. 199?
Toni Kollars
m. Richard Smith
Aaron Kollars
m. Cathy Donovan
Patricia Kollars
m. David McLarin
Damian McLarin
Michael McClarin
Heather McClarin
Sarah McClarin
Samantha McClarin
Matthew McClarin
Teresa Kollars
m. Thomas Dale
Tyrell Dale
Lacey Dale
Barbara Kollars
m Jorden Valdez
Cassandra Valdez
Tonya Valdez
Brian Kollars
m. Denita ...
Larissa Kollars
Casey Kollars
Aaron Kollars
Patrick Kollars
Judith Kollars
Noel Kollars
Emma Kollars b. 1892 d. 190?
Francis Kollars b. 1894
m. Roy Goebel
Agnes Kollars b. 1897
Annie Kollars b. 1899
Alvis Kollars b. 190? d. 198?
m. 192? Ruby Dover b. 190? d. 199?
Virgil Kollars b. 192? d. 201?
m. 195? Barbara Conachen b. 193? d. 201?
Charles Kollars b. 195?
m. 198? Linda Kutsenda
m. 198? Kaye Cook b. 195?
Jennie Cook-Kollars b. 199?
m. 201? Trevor Pinho b. 198?
Caleb Cook-Kollars b. 199?
Ruth Kollars b. 195?
m. 197? Stephen Strickler
Ashley Strickler b. 198?
m. 200? Travis Gingrich b. 198?
Judah Clinton Gingrich b. 201?
Emily Strickler b. 198?
m. 201? Jeremy Kern b. 198?
Robert Kollars b. 196?
m. 198? Eileen Tonge b. 196?
Jordan Kollars b. 199?
Erin Kollars b. 199?
Robert (Les) Kollars b. 192?
m. 194? Iola Claus b. 192?
Daniel Kollars b. 194?
m. 197? Lois Brown b. 195?
Carol Kollars b. 197?
Chris Kollars b. 197?
Michael Kollars b. 197?
James Kollars b. 195?
m. 197? Janice Nave b. 195?
Jason Kollars b. 197?
Jamie Kollars b. 197?
Jill Kollars b. 197?
David Kollars b. 195?
m. 197? Katherine Volsicka b. 195?
Chad Kollars b. 197?
m. 200? Nicole ....
Richard Kollars b. 192?
m. 195? Joan Blust b. 193?
Timothy Kollars b. 195?
m. 197? Carla ....
Joni Applegate
Patricia Kollars b. 196?
m. 198? Joel Calhoun b. 195?
Mykayla Calhoun b. 199?
Madison Calhoun b. 199?
Ronald Kollars b. 196?
m. 199? Sue Christiansen b. 196?
Leisa Kollars b. 196?
Dale Kollars b. 193?
m. 195? Mary Jane .... b. 192?
Dale Kollars Jr b. 195?
Donald Kollars b. 195?
m. 198? Debbie Ann ....
m. Mary ....
Vanessa Kollars b. 198?
Michael Kollars b. 195?
m. Connie ....
Susan Kollars b. 195?
m. 197? Steven Perry
Jessica Perry b. 198?
Craig Perry b. 198?
Kathryn Perry b. 198?
Katherine Kollars b. 196?
m. Brad Tietsort
Elaine Kollars b. 193?
m. 195? Norman Grashorn b. 192?
Gary Grashorn b. 195?
m. 197? Debra Russell b. 196?
Nicolle Grashorn
Son Grashorn
Duane Grashorn b. 195?
m. 197? Kathy Russell b. 195?
Amy Grashorn b. 197?
Jill Grashorn b. 198?
Sharon Grashorn b. 195?
m. 197? Jeffrey Olson b. 195?
Matthew Olson b. 197?
Lesley Olson b. 198?
Kevin Olson b. 198?
Glen Grashorn b. 196?
m. 198? Leone Stogdill
Lillian Kollars b. 190?
m. Henry Leader
Dallas Leader b. 192? d. 201?
m. 194? Rita Lauer
Dan(iel) Joseph Leader
m. .... ....
Stephanie Leader
Angela Leader
Todd Leader
Hope Leader
Jessica Leader
Joyce Leader
m. Gary Heimes
Kirk Heimes
Cary Heimes
Greg Heimes
Debbie Leader
Liana Leader
Timothy Leader
Brian Leader
Yvonne Leader
m. William Wade
Joseph Wade
Ann Wade
Darlene Leader
m. 194? Joseph Higgins b. 192?
Sharon Higgins b. 194?
m. 197? Michael Goralewski b. 194?
Sarah Goralewski b. 197?
m. Thomas Weinmann
Lukas Weinmann b. 201?
David Goralewski b. 197?
Greg Higgins b. 195?
m. Karen ....
Joseph Gregory
Kathleen Higgins b. 195?
m. 197? James Matuse Jr b. 194?
James Matuse III b. 197?
m. 200? Julie Nesbitt b. 196?
Aiden Matuse b. 200?
Mirren Matuse b. 200?
Kristine Matuse b. 197?
John Matuse b. 200?
James Thomas b. 200?
Kirk Higgins b. 195?
m. Patricia ....
Tonya Anderson
m. Michael Rhodes
Harrison Rhodes
Blake Rhodes
Lisa Higgins
Jeff Higgins b. 195?
m. Bertha Quihuis
Daniel Higgins
Lori Higgins b. 195?
m. Christopher Ruf
Conner Ruf
Kennedy Ruf
Marian Ruf
John Higgins b. 196?
m. Robin Schiefferdecker
Kelsey Higgins
Shannon Higgins
Amy Higgins b. 196?
m. Jones Barton
Jones Barton
Brad Higgins b. 196?
m. Cynthia ....
Jacob Higgins
Adam Higgins
Matthew Higgins
Janet Leader
m. Wilbur Heier
Scott Heier
Jill Heier
Judy Heier
Quinn Heier
Ronald Leader b. 194?
m. 196? Paulita Tomanda b. 194?
Ronald Leader Jr b. 196?
m. 199? Barbara Ebert b. 196?
Kaylee Leader b. 199?
Dustin Leader b. 199?
Lillianna Leader b. 197?
Josephine Kollars b. 190? d. 198?
m. Bernard Sudbeck b. 190? d. 197?
Gorman Sudbeck b. 192? d. 200?
m. Lois ....
Mary Sudbeck
m. James Ysbrand
Harrison Ysbrand
Jaydon Ysbrand
Karson Ysbrand
Brandon Ysbrand
Peyton Ysbrand
Donavan Sudbeck
Charlotte Sudbeck b. 193? d. 199?
m. .... Nightengale
Donna Nightengale
Stasa (Stella) Kollars b. 185?
m. .... Boscek
John Kollars b. 186?
m. 1885 Tracy Lochmann b. 1872 d. 1895
m. Isobel Wagner
Rose Kollars b. 1890 d. 197?
m. Henry Kohls
Simon Kollars b. 1892 d. 198?
m. 191? Gertrude Khuen b. 1894 d. 198?
Ines Kollars
Alameda Kollars
Gorman Kollars
Helen Kollars
Gerald Kollars
Cecelia Kollars b. 1894 d. 196?
m. 191? Frank Meirose b. 1892? d. 196?
Simon Meirose b. 191?
m. 193? Rachel Behrens d. 198?
Cleone Meirose b. 191? d. 198?
m. Ben Behrens
Marjorie Meirose
Johnny Kollars b. 1896 d. 196?
Frank Kollars b. 186?
Anna Kollars b. 186?
m. 1889 Frank Halla b. 185? d. 193?
Frank Halla Jr b. 190? d. 198?
m. .... Stewart
Robert Halla
Tillie Halla
Emma Halla
Betty Halla
John Halla
m. 185? Josephina (Josephine) Hora b. 182?(1829?) d. 1894
Anton Kollars b. 1870 d. 193?
m. Anna .... b. 1869 d. 190?
Frank Kollars b. 1891 d. 196?
Lillie Kollars b. 189??
Anton Kollars Jr b. 1894 d. 196?
m. 192? Ethel Maxwell b. 189?
George Kollars b. 189??
m. Ida Tramp
Ivo Kollars
Chris Kollars
Giles Kollars
Howard Kollars
m. .... ....
Ted Kollars
Keith Kollars
Marva Kollars
m. Lyle Petit Jr
Valerie Peters (Petit) 195?
Jayden Petit b. 195?
David Petit b. 196?
Deborah Wittrock (Petit)
John Petit b. 196? d. 197?
Edward Kollars b. 1898 d. 196?
Henry Kollars b. 190? d. 198?
Christina Kollars b. 190?
Paul Kollars b. 190?

Content Last Updated April 2016

Much of this information was originally compiled and published to the web by Mike Krzywicki. This copy was made in September 200? and was republished on the web after the original became unavailable in this format. Then for several years I made additions and corrections as information was sent to me.

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