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In talking about the size of Ipswich, the town government website's history of our town says only that The growth and development of Ipswich as a larger town  - never a suburb - came only after 1945 with the great outward expansion of population from Boston. Serious history buffs want to know about the town's population over the last century in a little more detail.

A reference librarian supplied most of these detailed figures
(recent information was obtained from online U.S. decennial census results).

Ipswich's population was as follows
From the Annual Report of the Vital Statistics...published by the State of Massachusetts:
From the Commonwealth's Decennial Census:
From book of archived Census of Population:
From online data of recent U.S. Census:

Presenting these figures as a chart may make them easier to follow:

Chart of Ipswich Population Over Last Century

You may wish rather than following the single statistic of population count over the long span of a century to see a more detailed age and sex distribution breakdown of Ipswich's population, or perhaps even a variety of statistical descriptions of how our town changed over the last three censuses.

Location: (N) 42.680943, (W) -70.839384
 (North America> USA> Massachusetts> Boston> Metro North> Ipswich)

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